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What is Aquaponics??

Aquaponic farming combines fish farming and a hydroponic growing system into one extremely efficient and clean facility. Fish waste in the form of Ammonia is converted by naturally occurring bacteria into nitrates which are used by plants as nutrients cleansing the water for recirculation back to the fish.

Is Metropolitan Farms producing food? Where can I buy it??

Yes! We grow herbs, lettuce and fish year-round with a fresh harvest every week. Please see the Products page to find us. If you are interested in purchasing from Metro Farms directly please email us at info@metro-farms.com.

Is it organic??

Aquaponoics by it’s very nature is sustainable, synthetic pesticide/fertilizer free. Currently Metropolitan Farms is pursuing the Certified Naturally Grown 3rd party certification (http://www.cngfarming.org/). At this point Organic certification for for aquaponics is not widely available.

Is it GAP (Good Agriculture / Aquaculture Practice) certified??

Metropolitan Farms will begin the GAP certification process soon.

How do I get involved??

Come see us at the Logan Square Farmers Market, or stop by for a tour!

Those interested in experiencing the life of an urban aquaponic farmer can apply for an internship at the farm. Please email us for more information.

Sewage pollution??

The growing system at our farm is a closed loop. Biological waste is transformed into nutrients through natural processes and re-used until absorbed.

How do I invest in Metropolitan Farms??

Currently we are in the proof of concept phase: demonstrating the commercial potential for our brand of urban farming. We have plans for expansion and are seeking investors who would like to continue the journey with us. Please contact us with inquiries.